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great game. I love how ballsy my character could be. I dont feel inclined to play again for a different ending but still 7/10

I broke it

I'm not sure exactly what I did but I think I opened the laptop and then tried to move my character before it loaded

should add a skip intro button


Absolutely fantastic.


In a short game you can see a lot of vampire politics, betrayals, as well as the loss and desire to recover humanity that degenerates over time in vampires.

As something based on a narrative game, having the antagonists of the story change to better fit the plot is something very classic of narrative RPGs. I would like it to be a longer experience, but for having been done in a single week the result is incredible.

Very Beautiful. Very insightful. 


I always start out thinking I'd read all the dialogue... i don't :-(

So true


Not very familiar with VtM, but this game def made we want to learn more about the lore. 

I recommend you try out the game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. It's an RPG game based on VtM, a great story, with just the right amount of gore and creepiness to keep you wanting more. Be sure to install the unofficial mod to get the full experience.

I've been wanting to play it for ages! Just have way too much of a game backlog to go through before i can get to it lol.

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lol the devs who created VtMB are the ones that developed Fallout 1 and Diablo. When their company, Troika Games, closed shop, some of them went out and founded Obsidian. You are seriously missing out, just saying...


I loved it so much! Great work

I liked it!


idk what vampire: masquerade is, but i liked my experience here. aweseom work!



I have no experience with Vampire The Masquerade, but I enjoyed this nonetheless! I'm a huge fan of the pixelated look, and the multiple endings were a touch I always enjoy! This was a lovely experience!


Loved this little game, and the inquisition was hilarious. Gave me my vampire dose, since bloodlines 2 is probably never happening.

Lacuna coil are still playing too, for those who want another puff of nostalgia.




why is this marcked as gay


Because the main plot involves a gay relationship in between two characters, better explored depending on which ending you end up with!


I like this game I love the art style and story behind all parts of this game I had a lot of fun but I had to mute the end cuz of a song but its still a really great game 

idk what to do after I go in the bar cause it won't let me out. Anyone know what tot do?


Great stuff! The daddy joke made me spit cider out my nose though and now everything smells of fizzy apples. I just want to see the rest of LA from Bloodlines done in this style now! Though it will all smell of fizzy apples...

what a beautiful game. gorgeous art, ambience, and music. it was so interesting seeing this world in pixelated sidescrolling style after seeing in 3D. great job.


I am a big fan of the masquerade bloodlines. You made a great game! bloodlines 2 is already available for pre-order :)

I think I got the secret ending


OMG I was so excited to find this game and so far it doesn't disappoint!! It seems super cool!! I loved Vampire the Masquerade and remember looking for other games like it cuz I was in withdrawal after I finished it lol.. Looks like I finally found one!! Thank you for this. :) :) 

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Outstar, everything you and Memoriesin8bit make has so much heart put into it. Never stop doing what you love. <3


its the greatest game i've played


hey I've seen your youtube channel before, but I didn't know you also made games! you nailed to VtM atmosphere in this one


Beautiful and well thought out game! 5/5 stars. The maker of this game needs to create a series of this vampire game!


I love this game. The art style, the story, the fact that this was made on unity and in a game jam?! I would love to see an extension of the game.

Def love the art in this game!! Maybe I'll check out the game it's based off of now :) Thanks for sharing! 


Cool stuff, great graphics and atmosphere! Love the different endings (found 2(4?)), and the emo-ness of the sire :)
Good font choice too, always brings me back to the olden days. ;)

AMAZING ambiance, i wonder if you planned the architecture and structure of the city with an overview and then built all of the winding perspectives off of it? very well done and realistic city :)

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a very wonderful game, it could have been a bit longer, but given the fact the game was made in 7 days, it is awesome. moody atmosphere, great story and a sad sending..loved all of it.

Thank you for this. :)

Here my Walkthrough in German.

wow! that was great. i really adored the atmosphere. thank you for taking the time to make this.

Definitely a good game and loved the somewhat alternate endings!


Damn,this game just amazing,i liked this atmosphere,music,plot i would put 100\10


Check out 06:41 in my video for a quick overview of Santa Monica by Night

Loved Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines and I love this game!

Great atmosphere. 

woahh that was so good!! I've never played the game its based off of though

So good! Great atmosphere, music, story, gameplay, awsome! 

Thanks for the great chapter in the World of Darkness!

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