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where is the full version of this game?


Are there any plans to release the full version on or just Steam ?


Please keep making this game. It looks so good!


It's available to wishlist on Steam right now, if you're still interested! <3

Enjoyed playing Cold Hearts.So I made a video on it. Hope you will enjoy! Keep up the great work!

It feels like a necroposting but any news about Cold Hearts? Will it be out or the project is kinda dead?


We've just hit Steam, actually! :) Feel free to wishlist it, we're finishing our work soon (finally!) :)

Good news everyone!
Great news, I already wishlisted it :P
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Replying to this comment feels like necroposting ;P

Does not work for me ._.

I start it up and hear music but the game does not actully show up on my moniter, i want to play but I can't even see the game!

Hey Augie, can you let me know what system are you on/your PC specs? Feel free to contact me via Twitter @outstarwalker - we really want to help you out! :)

I figured it out. My laptop and monitor are not completely compatible so I had to make the main monitor not my laptop. Thanks though for trying to help :D

super funny!

This is hilarious, great job!

This game looks really promising. The dialog choices are excellent and make sense in each situation, and I really enjoyed the touches of comedy.  All of the characters are intriguing and distinct, making each character come alive.  I can't wait for the full game to come out :)

Cold Hearts is now available to be wishlisted on Steam :3

We reached almost 400 downloads in 4 days - thank you SO MUCH for playing our demo! Share your feedback here <3