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i can't even begin to describe how much i loved this game right from the start. the 8bit recreation was so on point, i am quite impressed! 

My definite favourite for the Vampire Jam :)

REally enjoyed the game! lol idk which ending i got but! how did your team do at the Vampire game jam?

I didn't know Santa Monica had so many vampires. :)

Nice game. The pixel graphics were dope and the scene where you get captured by the priest was funny.

One thing though - on the description it says your decisions affect what happens in the sewers and in the ending. I was able to get the three different endings, but how do you get the sewer scene to change? I get the same thing each time.


*spoilers below*

This bases on your decisions in previous dialogues! There's a different letter depending on who you made suspicious before (for example, if you tell Inquisition you are a vampire hunter sent by the pope and Vincent is the evil guy you plan to kill, they get VERY suspicious of you two and might end up killing him first). In general, there are three letters and a fourth outcome if you haven't made anyone suspicious. 

Amazing game. I love the writing, its funny and at the same time its dark and romantic. The graphics looks amazing, very well done and very pretty. I would certanly buy this if it was a full game on steam. The characters are very interesting, makes you wanna play more and know them.

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I loved it! I played it until I got all the endings. 

It's dark, funny and emotional at the same time.  Story, dialogues, art and music really work together to set the mood and you can definitely  see and feel  vampire the masquerade  bloodlines 1 .  Plus, you managed to integrate your ocs  in it pretty seamlessly. Also, I  appreciated a specific sentence you used at the end of the game, which winked to a specific Lestat's sentence in  interview with the vampire. It felt like a nice touch. 

Personally, I am happy the game is quite short, so It didn't take me too much time to play it as many times as I liked. 

In short: good job guys!

I like this a lot! I wanted to record a video because I imagine devs would like to see people play their game. but yeah good work everyone who worked on this! 

My only complaint is that it was so short (but again, for a jam, I can totally understand) and left me wanting more. I'm a huge fan of old point & click adventure/roleplay games since that's what I grew up with playing with my dad, and VtM Bloodlines is something I return to frequently when I can't get a tabletop group together. This had great visual appeal for me, reminding me of things like Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness and The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, and the music was perfect for the mood and tone of the game. All the little callbacks to Bloodlines and the bits of humor peppered in here and there made me smile. The ending I got was absolutely bittersweet, but very fitting and appealing to my angsty writer soul. All in all, a wonderful entry and by far my favorite in this jam. Brilliant work, devs!

very nice


Excellent jam game! If the whole series was like this I'd have played it a long time ago ;)


also thank you so  much for having linux version

browser worked for me

cool stuff outstar & meow

On browser there is sound but no images D:  tried the  windows version, very nicely done!!!!  music, story atmosphere.!!! 

If you're using Chrome, make sure you have Hardware Acceleration on in Advanced settings :) It also should work well under different browsers, let us know if that wasn't the case for you!

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